I must say that it was a true pleasure in having you and your company build our beach home for us at WaterColor! For us, we needed a firm with integrity and the know how to work with St. Joe and their many demands. As the President of your company, not only were you on top of our project each and everyday, you built this quality home as if it was your own. You were highly organized and we loved the way you paid close attention to all of the many details. In addition, you promised to have our home completed within a certain time frame and you made it happen! Best of all, our home came in a few dollars under your proposed budget. For that, we thank you!
— Fred and Susy Teale

Allen is one of the few people for whom I would make such a step. He is a first rate builder and a character of the highest integrity.
— Peter Block

We were impressed with the ongoing documentation that Velvet Sun gave us for costs and budget status. They provided a detailed quote for our home in Draper Lake Coastal Village with line items and monitored the progress regularly with forecasts throughout the project. Allen provided critical inputs for construction problems that resulted in practical and creative solutions. The result was a home completed on time with quality crafts and materials.
— Jim and Barbara Morano, Draper Lake Coastal Village, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

We brought a unique project to the table with Velvet Sun Builders in late 2008 to outfit two Airstream trailers to create a new restaurant concept in Florida. There were many hurdles facing the physical remodel to create a commercial venue to codes and bureaucracy to wade through. Velvet Sun Builders resolved each issue in a very efficient, professional, friendly and timely manner. To the testament of Velvet Sun’s thorough attention to detail and their solid network of contacts within the community, this project was the first proposal of its kind to be approved by the State of Florida. Within six months, our restaurant, Barefoot BBQ, opened its doors for business exceeding expectations of the township codes and requirements, not to mention state requirements. We are so thankful for the professionalism and hard work of Velvet Sun Builders and would recommend them for any personal or professional development!
— James and Jenny Murphy Barefoot BBQ, Seaside Florida

I was so pleased with the degree of communication during the building process. Allen sent pictures on a timely basis...we spoke via phone several times a day. Building a home with Allen from long distance was not nearly as stressful as it probably would be with most builders. His honesty, his willingness to negotiate the best prices from his contractors and suppliers, and his organization with the budget and invoices was impressive and so appreciated. As an interior designer, I was so relieved that Allen was as detail-oriented as I was. He truly cared about every aspect of the project..... His pride in the finished project was evident.
— Jen Suddes

Let me say, all your guys and the companies you subcontract with and their folks have all been TERRIFIC – we have had a really positive experience, and never worry when we call upon anyone associated with Velvet Sun Builders. The quality of workmanship in our home clearly is a cut-above the rest and your choices of finishes and colors remain still to this day extremely current.
— Greg & Roxanne Buchholz. Canton, Georgia

Dear Allen,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how pleased Monica and I are with our new home and really the entire home building process!

Because I am an architect who has been specializing in custom residential construction for over 34 years I am no stranger to helping others in their selection of a home builder. So, when it was my turn to build my first house I wanted to take my own advice and feel good about the decision I made in selecting a contractor. At the top of my list, I tell clients that “you must trust your builder. If you don’t or if you sense that your builder is not trustworthy then you should not enter a relationship as personal as letting them construct your home.” From our first interview and then through the entire process Monica and I found the entire Velvet Sun Team to be of the highest moral character. Velvet Sun earned and maintained our trust.

Next, I advise my clients to look at the quality of the work which has been performed by the contractor on other similar homes. Being in the business I look at the work beneath the “pretty” finish work. I like to see the framing, structure, and the cleanliness of a construction site. I feel that the job site reveals the integrity of the builder. I appreciated being able to see Velvet Sun job sites that were in process. I could see firsthand the attention to quality construction which was maintained, even with the aspects of construction which would be covered up. Not to take anything away from the quality of finish work; there is not a day that goes by that I don’t look at and fully appreciate the quality of the door and window trims that Velvet Sun installed in our house. We are truly pleased with the finished product, both in terms of finish and performance!

When building a custom home, the relationship between builder, architect and Owner is complicated and very personal. Every custom home is a prototype, that has never been built before; for this reason, there WILL be issues that require resolution. I think the thing I appreciate the most about the working relationship with Velvet Sun was the way they handled the tough issues. When something came up that needed clarity or resolution Allen did not call me and say we have a problem, he called and said there is an issue, but I think I have a good solution. Building a custom home is an art and a craft that involves many hands and many personalities. Velvet Sun made the process fun and exciting. They were clearly focused on trying to reduce our stress level by sending many pictures and continually keeping the lines of communication open.

Monica and I feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful home in such a wonderful 30A neighborhood and we include our relationship with everyone at Velvet Sun in those blessings.
— Mark R Sullenberger AIA